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here are many stages to the sales process whether it be selling or buying a property. Before you decide to sell your home make sure that you choose an estate agent that sell homes in your area and market sector. The seller must provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), free of charge to potential buyers. An EPC gives information on the energy efficiency of a property using A to G ratings, with A being the most energy efficient and G the least efficient. The certificate is produced by an accredited domestic energy assessor. A certificate is valid for ten years and can be used multiple times during this period.

Once you have had your property valued then it is time to prepare your house for the market. First impressions are crucial, you need to make sure that you have tidied away any mess and clear unwanted clutter to maximise space, if you have time you may wish make your decoration as neutral as possible to attract buyers, make any minor repairs like splitting paintwork or leaking tapes. Also if you own a leasehold property then it is good to have or know the current costs of maintenance, service, ground rent and any additional charges the your property costs.

When marketing your home, the best chance of getting the price that you want and selling quickly is by using an experienced local agent. Some people find 'for sale' boards unsightly buyers do explore cul de sacs and travel around their chosen area. They also spend time doing their research; if they are looking to move for better schools, easier commute to their workplace or just to move out in to the sticks to get away from it all.

Now that you have your house on the market you need to arrange with your agent who will show your potential buyers around or whether you would like to set up open day. Before your potential buyers around it's a good idea to let in some fresh air but not make it cold in your home, on evening viewings try to avoid cooking before and make sure you turn on all of your lights.

Dealing with an offer can be tricky and you need to take into consideration the strength of your own position, if you have already found a property to buy or not, would you move into temporary accommodation or if you will offer vacant possession of the property. Also consider factors that may affect the value such as its current structural condition length of the lease and if there is any modernisation or renovation required. If the figure is close to what you are hoping to achieve then it is worth considering what your potential purchaser's position is and if it suits your own. It may be worth considering taking a slightly reduced offer on your property if you are in a rush to sell and your potential purchases can proceed quickly.

Once you have agreed a sale on your property then it is time to instruct a solicitor if you havenít already. Property purchase or sale can be divided into three major stages. There is the initial agreement here both parties have the option to walk away from their agreement, They will then perform a set of legal tasks known as convincing to transfer ownership of the land and property from the seller to the buyer. This is started by the buyer and the seller each agreeing to the term of their respective solicitor's client care letter and confirming instructions. During this process it is the responsibility of the buyer's solicitor to investigate and inform the buyer and the buyer's mortgage company (if applicable) of the legal aspects of the property. The exchange stage which commits both parties to the agreement and formalise the deal The last stage; in any deal, is the completion of the transaction.

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